Custom Home

Kourtney Homes, LLC is a privately owned, custom homebuilder with a passion for design and a commitment to build homes of superior quality. We build new construction homes in the Greater Indianapolis area.

What makes Kourtney Homes, LLC unique is our ability to offer you personal consultations, design assistance, credit counseling, and new home sales. We are dedicated to our customer’s loyalty and look forward to the opportunity to work with you on your new home purchase.

Kourtney Cunningham

As President and CEO of Kourtney Homes, Kourtney is no stranger to the construction industry. Her family has been in Residential Construction for over 40 years. Paul Shoopman, her father, started building homes at the age of 18 and created Dura Builders. They sold over 10,000 homes during their years and now he is the President and CEO of Paul Shoopman Home Building Group. With Kourtney’s experience in the family business, the transition to start Kourtney Homes was a natural progression.

Design & Build the Home of Your Dreams

At Kourtney Homes, we believe that building homes is an art. We have a passion for design and a commitment to building your dream home. We hope to create something that will fulfill your desires and represent your family for generations to come.

Buying or Selling a Home

Kourtney is a licensed realtor with ERA Real Estate Links. Kourtney Homes helps clients buy or sell residential properties. We assist in finding the perfect home for you in the neighborhood or area in which you wish to reside.